Saturday, 4 February 2017


- I have red urine. Can it be  the blood? Am I sick?

My friends quite often ask me this question. When I hear about the red-colored urine or faces, one question immediately comes to my mind:

- Have you eaten beetroots?

Sometimes I hear the answer:  Yeeessss... but... it was two days ago! Can it colour faces after so long time?

Well ... it is possible. Two days is a long time, but it is possible. Especially if someone has a slow intestinal transit (if you are doing a heap less frequently than once a day).
Urine get red and stop to be read faster than faces.

The inspiration for the writing article for today was ... intensively red colour of my urine.

First thought was "BLOOD!" and all the worst complications and urinary tract diseases, including cancer. Fortunately, I remembered what I am asking my patients. Beetroots...
 I remembered that I had drank freshly squeeze beetroot juice a few hours earlier. A lot of juice. Almost a liter.  The red colour of urine was because of that.

Dear reader! If you did not eat beets, or other foods that could colored urine - go to the doctor. Blood in the urine or faeces can be result of several diseases. Some of them heals easy and  without complications, but some of them require a quick diagnosis and aggressive treatment.

Fortunately  question of beetroot causes rapid cure of the disease in many cases including me.  It is worth remember about beetroot. It can save your nerves.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


How to cough properly. Two simple tips.

Yes, it's not a mistake. Cough can be correctly or incorrectly. Doctors uses the term "effective coughing" or "productive" or "ineffective coughing" or "non-productive".

Description will be a little disgusting. I warn sensitive. However, pretending that there is no cough is a bad idea.

Let's get to the disgusting parts: sputum. You have to cough up sputum and spit it out. It's necessary. It's the most help. Sputum in the lungs does not disappear. After a few weeks will disappear, but such "treatment" will last much longer. It is best to spit sputum.

How to help yourself by coughing

1. Drink two glasses of water.

Nothing helps like drinking adequate amounts of fluids. A person with a fever, usually do not have the strength to stand up and make a tea. A person with fever usually consumes not enough fluid. A dried sputum is difficult to spit out. It's easier to cough up sputum after hydration.

This is more important than all the tablets to "treat cough." Seriously.
2 or 3 litres of fluid  per day = 5 or 6 times of two glasses of water each day for a sick person.

2. To lean your chest 

When you cough you have to lean your body so that the head was low, lower than the belly. In this position it will be easier to cough up sputum. Gravity will help. Sputum does not have legs, and it did not come out of the lungs up itself. If you help sputum exit, you'll recover health faster.

These two things are very important. They can be applied with drugs from the doctor and when to treat yourself at home. Healing-cough-pills do not cause miraculous disappearance of sputum. But we can help ourselves. And become healthy faster.

I wish you health.

Saturday, 3 December 2016


The definition of health:

WHO (World Health Organization) define healt as " a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being".

It is very important, that is not only absence of ache and disability. 

And not only physical well-beeing. Mental and social are important too.

What is disease?

Disease is absence of one or more  component of health. If one component is not in condition of well-being -  it is enough to say: it is disease.

It is so easy.

Friday, 11 November 2016


Yew (Taxus baccata)

Yew is a shrub or small tree. Big old tree can growing up to 15 meters, but it is rare. Yew was used to make bows and instruments. Large trees were in Europe cut for wood.

Yew provides food for birds. His red fruits are edible and tasty. People can also eat the fruit of yew, but you must spit out black seed from the middle of the fruit. It is important be careful not to chew seeds. One chewed seed will not kill you, but the whole plant is poisonous. Wood, needles, twigs of yew are poisonous, seeds are also poisonous. The red part of fruit is the only eatable part of the yew.

You can also swallow the seed, if you do not chew it. Not chewed seed is resistant to digestive enzymes. Seed go not damaged by the whole entire intestine.

Red part of fruit, is called cover, and it is tasty, red, sweet, slightly fruity aroma. If the fruit is large and growing at sun light it can have a very pleasant taste.

Yew fruits appear attractive especially in late autumn, when there are no other fruits in the fields and forests.

Bon Appetit!

Saturday, 5 November 2016


 Is it possible to freeze and effective unfreezing of the human body?

The main problem is that the water in the cells of the human body freezes in the form of crystals. The crystals damage the cells and structures within cells. Cells burst. There is no method to prevent the precipitation of crystals of water so far. If the cells burst, our medicine does not know how to repair such damage. It will be so for a long time, unfortunately. If someone froze, then we can not go to defrost.

But I'm optimistic message. Just being in the cold if you do not freeze, causing the brain reduces the need for oxygen so that it is possible to restore to life, even after quite a long time. Longer than those famous three minutes, in which it is necessary to restore circulation to an unconscious person.

I hope that this knowledge will never be needed.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


The oat is naturally gluten free.

Why we can hear that popular oat contain gluten?

Commonly used oat contains some wheat. It is a reason.

Oat seed is similar to wheat seed. It is hard to notice difference and separate it. It is much more easer for millet and buckwheat seed. They have got different seeds.

There are 3 ways of contamination of oats with wheat:

  1. It is impossible to gather all seeds. Some of them are left on the field and grow next year, contaminating a new species of grain.
  2. Porridge are produced in the same mill as popular wheat flour. The fine dust from wheat can pollute oat.
  3. Combine harvester and other machines are the same for all grains. One kind can pollute another.

To have pure oat you should buy certified oats from certified gluten-free farms. On these farms are planted only gluten-free grains, used special separate machine and mills. Gluten grains cannot be planted for 20 years before certification. Price of such oat is much bigger....

How much of wheat is in oat? Is it necessary to buy pure oat?

I do not know how much.
I use common cheap oat, in spite of my intolerance for wheat and not have sings of intolerance, this is enough pure for me. If your allergy is strong, it is possible that you should buy pure certificate oat.

(foto from wikipedia)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Black locust (acacia) is one of the most common popular wild edible plant. 

We can fried flowers of black locust in pancakes butter. Ther are two posibilities:
1. we can pick flowers from the stem and add it to pancakes butter or
2. we can use whole bunch with flowers, an dip it in in pancakes butter.
Both ways are good.

The best flower pancakes we can get if we use only eggs, float and sugar, without milk. You can use milk, but pancakes will be more hard. I prefare no-milk version. It can be matter of personal preference.

How to frie flower puncakes:
Just put bunch of flowers into pancakes butter. Hold the stem, dip in pancake batter, and fry on both sides. If you prefer pick  flowers as you can see at fotos below - put flower in the batter, stir it, take small portion of puncakes butter by the spoon, and fry small thick pancakes.

Remember to collect the daisies with a clean area, away from the pollution. Flowers can be added to salads, or as etible decoration for cakes or other meels.

Bon Appetit!