Saturday, 4 February 2017


- I have red urine. Can it be  the blood? Am I sick?

My friends quite often ask me this question. When I hear about the red-colored urine or faces, one question immediately comes to my mind:

- Have you eaten beetroots?

Sometimes I hear the answer:  Yeeessss... but... it was two days ago! Can it colour faces after so long time?

Well ... it is possible. Two days is a long time, but it is possible. Especially if someone has a slow intestinal transit (if you are doing a heap less frequently than once a day).
Urine get red and stop to be read faster than faces.

The inspiration for the writing article for today was ... intensively red colour of my urine.

First thought was "BLOOD!" and all the worst complications and urinary tract diseases, including cancer. Fortunately, I remembered what I am asking my patients. Beetroots...
 I remembered that I had drank freshly squeeze beetroot juice a few hours earlier. A lot of juice. Almost a liter.  The red colour of urine was because of that.

Dear reader! If you did not eat beets, or other foods that could colored urine - go to the doctor. Blood in the urine or faeces can be result of several diseases. Some of them heals easy and  without complications, but some of them require a quick diagnosis and aggressive treatment.

Fortunately  question of beetroot causes rapid cure of the disease in many cases including me.  It is worth remember about beetroot. It can save your nerves.

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