Tuesday, 1 November 2016


The oat is naturally gluten free.

Why we can hear that popular oat contain gluten?

Commonly used oat contains some wheat. It is a reason.

Oat seed is similar to wheat seed. It is hard to notice difference and separate it. It is much more easer for millet and buckwheat seed. They have got different seeds.

There are 3 ways of contamination of oats with wheat:

  1. It is impossible to gather all seeds. Some of them are left on the field and grow next year, contaminating a new species of grain.
  2. Porridge are produced in the same mill as popular wheat flour. The fine dust from wheat can pollute oat.
  3. Combine harvester and other machines are the same for all grains. One kind can pollute another.

To have pure oat you should buy certified oats from certified gluten-free farms. On these farms are planted only gluten-free grains, used special separate machine and mills. Gluten grains cannot be planted for 20 years before certification. Price of such oat is much bigger....

How much of wheat is in oat? Is it necessary to buy pure oat?

I do not know how much.
I use common cheap oat, in spite of my intolerance for wheat and not have sings of intolerance, this is enough pure for me. If your allergy is strong, it is possible that you should buy pure certificate oat.

(foto from wikipedia)

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