Tuesday, 3 January 2017


How to cough properly. Two simple tips.

Yes, it's not a mistake. Cough can be correctly or incorrectly. Doctors uses the term "effective coughing" or "productive" or "ineffective coughing" or "non-productive".

Description will be a little disgusting. I warn sensitive. However, pretending that there is no cough is a bad idea.

Let's get to the disgusting parts: sputum. You have to cough up sputum and spit it out. It's necessary. It's the most help. Sputum in the lungs does not disappear. After a few weeks will disappear, but such "treatment" will last much longer. It is best to spit sputum.

How to help yourself by coughing

1. Drink two glasses of water.

Nothing helps like drinking adequate amounts of fluids. A person with a fever, usually do not have the strength to stand up and make a tea. A person with fever usually consumes not enough fluid. A dried sputum is difficult to spit out. It's easier to cough up sputum after hydration.

This is more important than all the tablets to "treat cough." Seriously.
2 or 3 litres of fluid  per day = 5 or 6 times of two glasses of water each day for a sick person.

2. To lean your chest 

When you cough you have to lean your body so that the head was low, lower than the belly. In this position it will be easier to cough up sputum. Gravity will help. Sputum does not have legs, and it did not come out of the lungs up itself. If you help sputum exit, you'll recover health faster.

These two things are very important. They can be applied with drugs from the doctor and when to treat yourself at home. Healing-cough-pills do not cause miraculous disappearance of sputum. But we can help ourselves. And become healthy faster.

I wish you health.