Tuesday, 18 October 2016


The most common popular in temperate wild edible flowers include:

- daisy
- rose (all varieties)
- dandelion
- black locust (acacia)
- elderberry.

All of them can be added to salads. Remember to collect the daisies with a clean lawn, away from the highway pollution and away from herbicides, pesticides spraying in orchards or some gardens.

Flowers of black locust and elderberry can be fried in pancakes butter. The best flower pancakes we can get if we use only eggs, float and sugar, without milk. Just put bunch of flowers into pancakes butter. Hold the stem, dip in pancake batter, and fry on both sides. If you prefer pick  flowers as you can see at fotos below - put them in the batter, stir and fry small thick pancakes.

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